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In this consultation Cindy shares with us her experience of working with an 8 month old entire Labrador. He is so excited and dominant that Cindy could barely walk without him jumping on her.

The dog had everything; the whole house to roam around, a swimming pool, even food on demand, but things were getting out of control for the owners.

Its a great example of hands off dog training, where a “great result” does not necessarily mean that we “cured, healed, or trained” the dog. Rather that we gave the owners the necessary information to transform their own dog over time.

Sometimes our role is more in the area of owner education, than actually dog training.

I think the key takeaway in the situation is if you’re in doubt stick to the five golden rules and present them as best you can. Then explain how they apply to the dog that you’re working with, and how will take a little bit of time for them to take effect.

Stick to the plan!