Ask Dan 017: A Tribute to Peanut

[smart_track_player url=”″ title=”A Tribute to Peanut” artist=”Doggy Dan” ] [blank_space height=’1em’] Today was a very special webinar as I talk about the passing of Peanut and some of the very special things that happened in those final few days. Amazingly I didn’t need any tissues although I’m sure a lot of you will be moved […]

[Audio] Connecting with dogs on consults

[smart_track_player url=”″ title=”Connecting with Dogs on Consults” artist=”Doggy Dan” image=”” ] [blank_space height=’1em’] Today I had a great chat with Margaret about connecting with different types of dogs during consultations. We looked at the different approaches and expectations for working with submissive, dominant, excited, respectful and aloof dogs. I think you’ll find it interesting and […]

Ask Dan 016: Your chance to take the floor…

[smart_track_player url=”″ title=”Your chance to take the floor…” artist=”Doggy Dan” ] [blank_space height=’1em’] On today’s call we discussed a whole host of topics…it was a real open forum discussion covering: Why do I run consultations from my home? Can you do Skype call consultations and what should you charge? How do you deal with clients […]

Flake & Bailey – Griffin & Spaniel: Different learning styles Sometimes during a consultation I find myself dealing with all sorts of specific issues such as barking, walking, recall, aggression etc…and other times it feels like it’s just ONE thing. In this case the separation anxiety is really being fuelled by the issue surrounding pack leadership. So a lot of the consultation is around […]

Adorable little Chester – Westhighland Terrier Here’s what I would call a relaxing consultation… The dog (Chester) is great to work with, the owner is receptive to everything I’m saying, and the method seems to work almost immediately. With dear Chester, the simple use of time out and the 5 Golden Rules will have a huge impact on him in […]

Bowie – Catahoula Cross: Sometimes it goes wrong During a consultation, anything can happen! When it does, it’s nearly always a shock and a surprise. The fact that it catches you off guard means very often your first response is not always perfect… And in this instance my reaction was to save my dog and luckily there was no damage done. With […]

Ask Dan 015: Staying Safe in Consults

[smart_track_player url=”″ title=”Staying Safe in Consults” artist=”Doggy Dan” ] [blank_space height=’1em’] When it comes to safety you just can’t be too careful… so in today’s webinar we chat about what we can do to minimise the risk. After all, the risk will always be there—same as it’s dangerous to drive a car but you still […]

Ask Dan 014: Connecting & Communicating with Our Clients

[smart_track_player url=”″ title=”Connecting & Communicating with Our Clients” artist=”Doggy Dan” ] [blank_space height=’1em’] In this call we took a look at how we share our dog training knowledge, why sometimes it is easier than other times, and what to do about it! Jenni, my wife, joins us on the call and adds a fascinating insight […]

Milo, Sky & Ted — When 3 is a crowd In this consult I found myself trying to handle A LOT; the clients, an aggressive dog, a barking dog inside the house, a puppy with no manners… …And I was also trying to work the camera! It was fun 😉 My suggestion with this consult is not to replicate it, but to learn from […]

Ask Dan 013: Silver, Gold and Platinum Offerings

[smart_track_player url=”″ title=”Silver, Gold and Platinum offerings” artist=”Doggy Dan” ] [blank_space height=’1em’] When it comes to selling your services, it’s a whole new skill set to learn… Sometimes it almost feels like the most foreign thing to do—to promote your services and sell yourself—and actually compete with other trainers all while trying to appear like […]