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“Start a Fulfilling and Successful Career as a Dog Trainer in 4-Months or Less… Even If You Know Nothing About Dog Training”

I’m thrilled you’ve expressed an interest in starting a fun and exciting full-time or part-time job working with my favorite animal in the whole world – dogs!

And I’ve no doubt that, after watching these videos, you will be equipped with the knowledge you need to decide if you’d like to join me and the team and become a successful and respected dog trainer in your community.

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The next enrollment for my Dog Trainer Academy is in about 4-6 weeks, so in the meantime I thought you might enjoy watching me in one of my live dog training consultations.This is an unedited, 2 hour video of me working with a client and training their dog, giving you a real taste of how I’m living my dream in a career I love. You’ll see the actual technique I use, how simple it is, and what it would take for you to learn and apply to your dream dog-business.Because you’ve trusted me with your interest in following your passion for dogs, I’m offering you this mini-course for 75% off. Simply use the code FOLLOWMYDREAM at checkout to save big…enjoy! ~Doggy Dan.

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Dog Training: Building a Career on Passion, Joy and Success

Worried about starting your own business and need to overcome your fear or failure of becoming a dog trainer? 

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Doggy Dan

Doggy Dan is the founder of The Online Dog Trainer, a wildly successful online training program for dog owners. He has years of experience dealing with every type of behavioural dog issue and has worked with all breeds and ages of dogs. Over the last decade, he has helped over 57,000 people successfully train their dogs using the exact method found in the Dog Trainer Academy and has thousands of testimonials to show for it.

Since establishing himself as a respected dog trainer, Doggy Dan has written the book What the Dogs Taught Me About Being a Parent, published by Random House.

On top of a successful book, 250,000 people from around the world subscribe to Doggy Dan’s blog site, and he has been featured in a number of magazines, including Women’s Weekly.

Dan has also appeared as a regular guest on a number of radio shows and made several TV appearances, recently showing up on The Real Housewives of Auckland.

Dan is a big supporter of animal rights, and has written a number of articles and attended the SPCA National Conference in New Zealand as a Keynote speaker.

His goal is to continue to share his unique approach to dog training with like-minded people who wish to make a difference in the world of dogs. He hopes that his training methods, which focus on creating and building connections between dogs and dog owners, will be shared and used around the world.

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Arthur Deak Case Study

Since childhood, Arthur Deak of San Francisco, California, has had a passion for dogs. His interest deepened after watching a TV show called The Dog Whisperer

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Amanda Lund Case Study

Amanda’s desire to become a dog trainer was deeply rooted in her desire to help dogs and their owners.

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Sam Andrews-Paul Case Study

Sam began to think a lot about her future as her kids grew older and wondered what she was going to do once they’d all left home. 

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Bill Verbakel Case Study

Feeling burnt out by his current 9-5 office job, Bill was very motivated to put himself on track to become a professional dog trainer after training his new puppy, Jersey, using Doggy Dan’s method.

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