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Be part of the world’s most revolutionary dog trainer coaching program


How To Become a Highly Successful
IN-DEMAND Dog Trainer
—In A Matter Of Months (With NO Prior Experience),

WITHOUT Using Old-Fashioned Flawed Techniques

What if the road map to your dream job had already been created and all you needed to do was to follow it?

Keep reading because you’re about to find out how you can become profitable and have MASSIVE success with training dogs—in a lot less time than you’d think…

And at the same time discover the magic of connecting deeply with dogs in a way that money just can’t buy…that feeling of being able to help owners and dogs understand what’s really going on.

Welcome to the Dog Trainer Academy

A journey that will take you far beyond traditional dog training

The Dog Trainer Academy is transforming people who’ve never worked with a dog before, to being super-confident to walk into any situation and be able to HELP— having the owners literally thanking them and wanting to pay them for the service they’ve provided.

Carefully designed to take you from dog lover to respected dog trainer, the DTA takes all the experience and success of professional dog trainer Doggy Dan and neatly packages it into a home-study program.

Using a methodology that flies in the face of conventional training methods, the Dog Trainer Academy is all about Owner Education and gentle Dog Communication. This approach will revolutionize the way you help dogs and their owners, helping you to see the world through the eyes of the dog…

A HEART CENTERED APPROACH… It’s time for a new way of thinking about how we work with dogs. The time has come to change from a command-based approach to a loving, connection-based approach.

For too long dog trainers have turned up to train a dog using an old fashioned COMMAND based approach of either food bribes or corrections without first coming into any relationship with the dog. This revolutionary approach shares how owners can come alongside their dogs quickly and easily, and in doing so achieve powerful results that far surpass what can be achieved using traditional methods.

Why the DTA is so different

We say "No" to outdated and flawed techniques

We will teach you the tried and trusted method that DOES NOT rely on continuous food bribes

Discover the lightning-fast way to gain respect and trust that NEVER requires shock or prong collars

Training the dog is not YOUR job! You empower the owner to take control so they train their dog

Learn how to help people solve real dog problems WITHOUT hundreds of ‘games’ or ‘tricks’

Why this course?

If you’re gonna do something, do it right

This step-by-step program will quickly get you working with dogs and changing people’s lives. If you love the thought of working with dogs in a rewarding and fulfilling career, but have never been able to figure out how to achieve it, then here’s the way forward…

The method Doggy Dan has perfected, and used for over a decade now—with close to 3,000 one-on-one clients and over 70,000 online—is producing incredible results worldwide…WITHOUT the use of bribes or any force or aggression.

Yes, there are other programs out there, but NONE of them will teach you the NEW WAY to train dogs…a way that doesn’t rely on old fashioned techniques. Bribing with food, and using shock collars is NEVER going to win the heart, or mind of your dog. And without that, you’ve lost the ability to CONNECT with the animal, in a loving, respectful way, that generates natural obedience.

We do things differently in the DTA

There's simply no other program like this

There’s NO MORE guessing — you will quickly become the EXPERT, delivering a method that will even allow you to help dogs who are “beyond help”

Most programs only deliver band-aid solutions for symptoms, but you’ll be solving the UNDERLYING cause of 99% of dog problems—in just ONE VISIT!

Empowering the owner to train the dog, with a method that gets PERMANENT results, means you won’t have to do repeat visits—meaning more time for new clients!

Don’t become an out-of-pocket ‘rookie dog trainer’… Only the DTA method, combined with our business system, can get you earning top dollar as soon as you graduate!

The world desperately needs dog trainers

Post-pandemic adoption rates have never been higher—the DOGS NEED YOU!

It’s no secret…there is a real need for your services, RIGHT NOW…

There’s never been a better time to get into dog training. The US Dept. of Labor projects Animal Care will grow much faster than the average occupation from 2022 to 2028. Pet sales are at an all-time high in a $80 billion industry, projected to grow throughout the decade, while most industries are contracting. Rescue and adoption centers are experiencing their highest rates ever, so NOW is the time to join this global boom and get paid to do what you love.

This is a huge, global opportunity. There’s just not enough quality dog trainers on planet earth. Especially the type that creates positive, permanent results. So it’s our mission to fill every town, every city, every country with a certified Doggy Dan dog trainer.

The DTA now has hundreds of graduates in 14 different countries all over the world— from the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and much smaller countries like Lithuania, Switzerland, and Mauritius—but we need so many more…are you ready to step up?

If you watch one more video today, watch THIS ONE:

Would you make a good trainer?

Don’t let these 2 myths stop you from fulfilling your dream

MYTH #1: “It takes years and years to become any good”

The FIRST myth of dog training is it takes years and years to become any good. This was true…when you had to rely on your reflexes to know when a dog was about to snap…. You see if you start using old fashioned methods where you correct or bribe the dog, you are required to know EXACTLY how a dog would respond in EVERY situation. And to achieve that level of skill really does take years of experience and training.
However there is a far more powerful approach than simply reacting to how a dog reacts and then trying to shape their behavior…
And that, my friend, is why you’re on this page. Read on to see how my ‘Train The Owner First’ method works to first set you up as the one in charge, so the dog loves, listens and looks to you for direction. This is how you can become successful within just a few months, by sharing this simple approach with other people…

As you can see below… This is a typical post following completion of their 1st ever client consultation…

MYTH #2: Dog trainers can’t make good money

The SECOND myth is dog trainers can’t make good money. Especially early on. Well, again this is partly true if you are using the old fashioned approach where YOU effectively agree to train THEIR dog!

To be honest, the whole concept of taking responsibility for training another person’s dog is as strange to me as paying another person to come and train your child! It simply doesn’t make sense from an energetic point of view, and it certainly doesn’t make sense from a business point of view either.

It is FAR MORE POWERFUL to say to an owner…”I can come and share with you an incredible approach of how YOU can train your dog, and I’ll be here to support you.”
This way, the owner takes OWNERSHIP of the training, and they are far more likely to put the work in that’s required. You then have the joy of turning up and sharing a KNOWLEDGE BOMB with them…You will have delivered a completely new approach that they are totally happy to pay you very well for.

Put very simply, using this method, you really can earn great money very early on as a dog trainer AND get excellent results…leading to word of mouth referrals and LOTS more business…

Introducing the ‘Train The Owner First’ method

5 reasons why this approach is so unique (and so RIGHT):

You’ll learn an approach that motivates owners to take responsibility.


Motivating a dog owner to do the training rather than trying to train the dog yourself should not be a revolutionary idea, but it’s not as common as you might expect. The advantages are huge. When you educate the owners and share the secrets to being a great dog owner with them, they become empowered. They become inspired and determined to succeed. And they do the training, every day, because they know it’s in their hands to create the change.

No more outdated training methods—give people the holistic method they want.


Nearly every person who has a dog with a problem has tried using food bribes… And sure they can work sometimes but when it comes to the extreme dogs, such as super stubborn dogs, high energy dogs, non food motivated dogs and extremely fearful dogs, food bribes just don’t cut it. What’s more, who wants to wander around with sticky food in your pocket for evermore. And let’s face it, everybody knows there just has to be a smarter way. When it comes to shock collars, I’ve seen first hand the damage they can inflict on more than one occasion and also I’ve seen how unnecessary they are…so why use them?

Discover a method that doesn’t rely on physical strength or agility.


Since this is not about looking to dominate or overpower the dogs to train them it lends itself to people who are older, not so physically strong or people want dogs to “choose” to change of their own free will rather than through fear of repercussions that may follow. As I like to say… “When you win the dog’s mind, their bodies will follow!”

You’ll discover a foundation that is based on a deep connection with the dogs.


This approach goes much deeper than simply training the dogs with treats and works through the instinct of the dog. It’s that deep connection between dog and owner that allows the training to reach new levels. A gentle, kind and understanding approach. The essence of this method is to see the world through the dog’s eyes, understand it from their perspective and then put together a program that motivates the dog to change through their own free will. This is a method that avoids using force or fear to induce behavior changes and doesn’t rely heavily on food bribes, or any force whatsoever. Put another way… this is the dog’s way of training… it’s the approach they would use if they had the choice! You’ll be talking their language, and that’s why it works…

It’s FAST!


It’s not unusual for us to see our Graduates posting that they turned the dog around in just a matter of hours. That’s how fast the rules of the method can work with dogs and their owners.

The other beautiful thing about ‘Train The Owner First’ is that the way you connect with the dog is always the same, no matter what their breed, age, sex, or dog-problem. So you can learn the basic technique in a very short space of time. And the bonus is that because this basic technique is the ‘missing piece’ of the jigsaw that so many people are looking for, you are immediately in high demand!

Designed to help you thrive

Your DTA membership includes everything you need to become fully certified and build a thriving six-figure business

Doggy Dan’s “Train The Owner First” Advanced Methodology

So unique it solves your client’s problem in just one session; easy to implement, virtually hands off, it creates happy clients time after time — you’ll have more time to generate new business and quickly become a top-earning trainer in your area!

This module covers everything about HOW to become a dog trainer:

Fast-Track Reality Training

Accelerate your success by learning firsthand how the professionals do it — watch Dan in unedited consultations visiting clients in their homes from start to finish (like you were right there with him), quickly giving you all the practical experience you need to command authority with your own clients!

Over 50 hours of live consultation footage!

Dan’s Complete Pack of 6-Core Courses

Learn everything you need to know about dogs…get access to Dan’s famous Dog Calming Code™, his puppy programs, behavioral programs, and more training than you will ever need — used by over 60,000 happy dog owners!

All these courses and so much more included:

Business-In-A-Box Training

Everything you need from developing the Winner’s Mindset to setting-up and running your own dog training business, to generating endless leads and successfully closing them — it’s a full turn-key solution (and we won’t list the modules because it’s our proprietary method!)

Academy Mastermind & Support

Get LIFETIME access to all the support you’ll need inside the Facebook Family… Here you’ll find DTA trainers all over the world with the same goals and passion as you. You’ll be coached and cheered on by a group of incredibly experienced trainers—you’ll never feel alone!
Have a question that you can’t find the answer to? Simply shout out using the ASK Dan function and our team of experts will be ready to help you out.

Here’s a typical show of support around a new person who’s just joined the DTA…

Spaces are limited!

Enrollment will close when seats are filled

It requires a lot for us to offer this done-with-you service, so we have to keep our numbers manageable. We reserve the right to close enrollment as soon as we reach our limit. We will update this page when we close. If you’re seeing this now, please don’t wait—it could be many months before we open up again.

Become a certified canine professional

Start earning in as little as 3 months

If you have the time and energy…go for it!…you can be fully certified after just 3 months. Soon after you can be commanding the top prices in your neighborhood. In fact we have some students who’ve started earning within just 1 month! But there’s also no hurry…go at your own pace — we want you to be super-confident, pass your graduation assignments with flying colors and be the best trainer you can be!

Your certification of expertise

Graduating from the DTA is one of the BEST DAYS OF YOUR LIFE! You’ll have completed the program and started your live consultations, and you’ll be holding your certificate of “Owner Education and Dog Communication” from Doggy Dan’s Dog Trainer Academy.

Begin your new life

Once certified, you’ll have the full support of the DTA community, plus the backing of the global Doggy Dan brand, and you’re now on the fast track to becoming the respected, well-known and well-paid dog trainer in your community — and the EXPERT that people turn to for help.

The universe rewards action takers

I want you to succeed, so here are two more powerful tools—get these FREE BONUSES now (before they’re gone for good)

FREE BONUS #1: Client Success Program

Guarantee your own success by supporting your clients with our Client Success Program: once you’ve consulted with them, they get 12-months FREE access to our online training portal (desktop and mobile app) to reinforce your training and help them do the work — resulting in higher client success rates and fewer repeat visits—you create more time, money and success!

WORTH: $1,900 YOURS FREE! This Bonus Offer Will Be Removed Soon & Sold Separately

FREE BONUS #2: Secret To Board & Train

A massive opportunity awaits those of you who have a bit of land and have your mind set on making really BIG money. Basically, I share with you how easy it is to train the dogs on your property, AWAY from their owners. Then using the exact same method of ‘Train The Owners First’, you connect them back together. So again it’s the OWNERS who change how THEY behave around their dog that is the most important thing.

NOTE: Soon I will be turning this into a completely separate course that will sell separately to the DTA, because it’s soooo worth it! But I’m including it here for you today as a FREE special bonus offer because it is so powerful and I know how much it can help you succeed.

WORTH: $1,900 YOURS FOR FREE NOW! This Bonus Offer Will Be Removed Soon & Sold Separately

Okay Dan, so how much?

What does it cost to become a certified dog trainer?

Establishing the Dog Trainer Academy back in 2017, I looked at several university degrees and other courses in canine behavior, and even back then, you’re looking at some serious years, and some serious dollars. I saw enrolment costs from $10K to $30k and MORE per year!

And at the end of these 2-3 year courses you find all you’ve got is a piece of paper, a lot of debt, and no practical way of paying that off as a dog behaviorist!

But I’m aware of how many people are struggling right now…and it honestly seems sometimes that those people who have the biggest hearts for dogs and the biggest desire to do good in this world, often don’t have that kind of money in the bank…

So I’ve made this affordable for practically anyone who has the determination to get things done…

Let’s look at what it’s worth now...

If you join the DTA today you’ll lock-in these savings and get the limited-time free bonuses

“Train The Owner First” Advanced Methodology

Solve your client’s problem in just one session – 
Normally: $2,800

Fast-Track Reality Training

Access to unedited client consultations from start to finish –
Normally: $1,800

Dan’s Complete Pack of 6-Core Courses

Everything you need to know about dogs and training – 
Normally: $1,500

Business-In-A-Box Training

Everything you need to build and run your new business – 
Normally: $1,500

Academy Mastermind & Support

Supportive Facebook Family and Q&A System – 
Normally: $1,500

Free Bonus 1: Client Success Program

Give your clients FREE access to our online training portal – 
Normally: $1,900

Free Bonus 2: Secret To Board & Train

Make big bucks training at home – 
Normally: $1,900

Normal Total = $12,900
Today Only $4,500

Yes…You CAN afford this

Let me explain how almost ANYONE can make this work financially.

It’s my dream to get DTA graduates into every state, city and town, so I have made this as affordable as possible. Watch this video to see how I break down the numbers, and show you that this is 100% do-able…don’t let money hold you back from fulfilling your purpose!

If you want those numbers again…

The cost of the program using the payment plan is only $450 per month.
Within a couple of months you can easily be earning $300 PER CLIENT.
This means that within a couple of months you can be paying for the course AND making money doing something you LOVE…

You see?... you really can do this!

And if you still don’t believe me, read this testimonial below, where Cindy, a 62 year old graduate from Utah—who had NEVER trained a dog before in her life—is now making over $250,000 a year as a dog trainer!

You’re one click away from finding true passion and purpose (and a great income) as a Certified Dog Trainer…



$3,500 USD
Save $1,000!



* Instant Access
* All prices stated in USD

DTA MONTHLY Payment Plan


$450 USD
$450 Today; 9x Monthly Payments of $450



* Instant Access
* All prices stated in USD

DTA Done-For-You

You Get Certified While We Build Your Business For You:

$10,000 USD

* Price will depend on scope of work and timing




* Instant Access
* All prices stated in USD

Protect Yourself With Our
“Love It Or Leave It”
30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Our #1 priority here at the DTA is your success. Which means we stand by our training and support 100%, no matter what, no questions asked. If you don’t love it, and you wish to leave within 30-days from purchase, just reach out to our Customer Happiness Team…no matter what, we’re here for you. Guaranteed.

About Doggy Dan

Doggy Dan is the founder of The Online Dog Trainer, a wildly successful online training program for dog owners. He has years of experience dealing with every type of behavioral dog issue and has worked with all breeds and ages of dogs. Over the last decade, he has helped over 60,000 people successfully train their dogs using the exact method found in the Dog Trainer Academy and has thousands of testimonials to show for it.

Since establishing himself as a respected dog trainer, Doggy Dan has written the bestselling book “What the Dogs Taught Me About Being a Parent”, published by Random House. On top of a successful book, 500,000 people from around the world subscribe to Doggy Dan’s blog and podcast, and he has been featured in numerous magazines.

Dan has also appeared as a regular guest on radio shows and made several TV appearances, recently showing up on The Real Housewives and judging Dog Almighty.

Dan is a big supporter of animal rights, and has written a number of internationally published articles, attended SPCA Conferences as Keynote speaker, and supports many dog related non-profits.

His goal is to continue to share his unique approach to dog training with like-minded people who wish to make a difference in the world of dogs. He hopes that his training methods, which focus on creating and building connections between dogs and dog owners, will be shared and used around the world.

Looking for more purpose in life?

Are you finally ready to become the EXPERT?

In almost every consultation there’s this magical moment as you share the method with the dog owner…

…it’s when they know their dog has changed…

…and the owner suddenly sits up, takes notice and starts talking to you like YOU’RE A GENIUS…

…the dog whispering GURU…

…and A HERO in their eyes.

Because YOU have revealed how to remove their pain and stress, and for that, they are very, very thankful.

Why join us?

Check out our member's success stories...


“I never dreamed I could be my own boss!”


“Hands down, this is the best decision I ever made! After taking the leap into the abyss, I was doing consults within 2 months, and quit my job within 6 months…next year I’m on track to make over $250,000!”

***Results May Vary***

“Shows you everything you need to get your business started…”


“For me it’s about the community, and Dan’s a part of that community, he’s there to answer all our questions…the group is much more powerful than I ever thought it would be…”

***Results May Vary***


“In the past year and a half, I’ve done more dog consults than I can count… I now have my own dog training business…”


“If you’re looking to make a positive difference in the world, then Dan’s Dog Trainer Academy is it!”

***Results May Vary***

“DTA shows everything you need to get your business started. That was important for me. That extra information…”



***Results May Vary***


“I’ve given up my high-powered corporate job!”


“I did my first training consultation this morning—a big 40kg Mastiff with aggression issues—and I was expecting a challenge, but after putting the method in place…I had a beautiful relaxed dog sleeping at my feet!

***Results May Vary***

Frequently Asked Questions

So this approach to dog training is NOT a great fit if:

  • You don’t like chatting with other people or generally dislike being around people. Because this method’s all about sharing with people, owner education as well as training and working with their dogs and if you really dislike people it’s going to be a struggle…
  • Also if you’re the sort of person who can only ever see problems and gives up easily then this is probably not a fit


Now on the flip side let me be clear about what we’ve found are the biggest indicators that predict success using this program:

  • No.1 is people who are good at communicating with other people…
    So we’ve got people in the Academy who were car mechanics who got on well with their clients but wanted to earn more and fancied a change of career. We have ex-army, we have moms who are currently raising kids at home but want to get back into the workforce part-time. You know, what you’ve done in the past doesn’t matter… We have people who’ve been CEO’s of large companies for 30 years, artists, book publishers and accountants, people from all walks of life but the thing that they all have in common is they are good at getting alongside all sorts of different people.. Because all sorts of people own dogs and need help!
  • Secondly… and rather obviously it helps if you love dogs!
  • And last but not least, positive people. So you need to be ready to face hurdles and overcome them with support and direction, basically people who are willing to stick at something.

Some people are ready much quicker than others as they have more confidence and are ready to ‘wing it’ more than others who like to know ALL the answers. So although some people do start training within a month it is more usual to wait until around the 3 month mark. Many people however are not in a rush and take much longer up to a year.

You get access for life to all the course material for as long as we are around, and you do not have to pay any extra money.

This process works even if you’ve never lived with a dog or done any kind of dog training before. That is because we walk you through step-by-step how to ‘become’ a dog trainer. And not just any old trainer, we will work WITH YOU to become a SUCCESSFUL Dog Trainer. Our process is here to help you create a business that adapts to your skill set, fits your budget and represents your brand well. We’re here to guide you each step of the way.

We appreciate this question. You should thoroughly vet the people you choose to work with… but ultimately this comes down to a couple things. First, does what we’re saying “make sense”? Can you see how it would work? That’s the first step… if the education we’ve given you (for free) has made sense, then that’s the first thing you want to consider. Second, have you had a conversation with us? You can tell a LOT by getting on a call with someone. Follow your gut. Third, look at the RESULTS above… the screenshots & testimonials. The amount of businesses we’ve helped – genuinely – get results. We’re very good at what we do and we authentically care about people. No scams here.

You do not need to already have a complicated website to start building out your dog trainer business. Some of our most successful trainers ONLY use Facebook to run their business. You do, however, need to have a service people actually want — and that’s what we will help you build. When it comes to selling your dog training services, we can help you navigate the lucrative yet complicated world of setting up a dog training website that is designed to convert. We believe in quick implementation and dedicate a portion of our process to making sure you have the systems in place to handle the influx of new leads/sales you’re looking to get.

This comprehensive professional dog training program gives our students the step-by-step tools and direction to become a Certified DTA Dog Trainer. Within a few months most students are ready to start doing paid consults, and at the end of the completed course you will graduate with a certificate in “Owner Education and Dog Communication” from Doggy Dan’s Dog Trainer Academy. Throughout the course there will be a number of online tests, and reports that will need to be submitted and passed in order to gain the certification. The certificate is recognised globally as one of the highest trained courses and you will be able to use your certification on your website and other marketing to show your authority and secure high-paying clients.

Yep. I guarantee you that if you don’t make a change or get the expertise needed to get leads and sales through becoming a Dog Trainer Academy certified dog trainer, you’ll either grow VERY slowly or you won’t move at all. When I (Dan) first got started in this business, the VERY FIRST thing I did was find a coach (I learned from several) and pay them more money than I had to help me grow faster. It worked, barely three months into my new business I was depositing over $5K per week into my bank. We see it time & time again – there are NO guarantees in life EXCEPT that if you keep doing what you’ve been doing, nothing will change, and you’ll get no results. The “cost” of figuring all this out by yourself is astronomically higher than the “investment” required to work together. Having said all that though, there is a 30 day money-back guarantee if you decide this is not for you.

When you join Dog Trainer Academy You’ll Discover:

A deep connection with dogs

As you work through the course your understanding of what dogs really need will change. You’ll start to connect with them in a way that you never have and better gut instinct for what they are thinking and how they are feeling. As you gain experience, you’ll be able to share with more and more people the simple way they can build a better relationship with their dogs. 

How our energy and way of being is picked up by the dogs

Through the course you’ll discover more about how sensitive dogs are to humans’ energy, thoughts and feelings. We look at how you can use this to our advantage and how an owner’s attitude and way of being can affect their dog training in a huge way.

The secrets to building a successful business from scratch

How to generate new clients. How to attract the right customers and get them to want your services above anyone else’s. Being shown a proven dog training system that works, the pricing, and the procedures is what takes away all the stress, and confusion about how to make your business work.

Invaluable support and sound advice when you need it

Whilst for the most part being a dog trainer is fun and enjoyable life has a way of throwing us some curveballs. When you need the support of the team you’ll find that they are there in the way of your fellow trainers. And when you need some sound advice to do with your business or a dog it’s invaluable to have somebody to turn to who has been there before you and can work you through the situation.

Why this approach and a focus on owner education is so powerful

You’ll see why it’s so appreciated by the owners as they are empowered. You’ll see how the dogs choose to respond to it without an overuse of treats and without the need for force. The huge value that you deliver in a single visit allows you to charge well and set yourself up for a scalable business with happy customers.

How to avoid the pitfalls of the rookie dog trainer

Why dropping your price and being the cheapest will not work. Why chatting for ages on the phone with potential customers will actually lose you business. How to avoid spending a fortune on advertising and get very little in return. Why you want to avoid some customers and how to do it.

It’s not what you do but the way that you do it

There are ways of turning every situation around into a positive. As you watch me working with dogs you’ll be able to see how I work to turn even the most difficult consultations around into a positive outcome. So much is in the way that you explain things and do things, by watching me, you’ll be able to replicate with the same success.

Connection with people

Whilst making good money, helping dogs and feeling like you have done something great is all good and fun. Having somebody to share it with makes it so much better. The community that you create in the Academy with like minded people who understand you and are on the same journey takes the whole experience to a new level.

A career that is fulfilling and rewarding

If you’re stuck in a career that really doesn’t make you want to jump out of bed each day then this one will. As you work through the course you will start to see your dream of becoming a dog trainer unfurling before you.

How to establish a successful puppy class

Discover the simple way to set up a puppy class that provides you with future clients, gets your name out there and earns you good money. Learn what should be included and what gets owners telling others and raving about your classes. Dan’s 4x 1 hour classes are all recorded without edit and allow you to learn as if you were there

What to include in a 1-on-1 puppy in-home consultation

Find out what owners really need and what they think they need when they call you up to help get things off the right start. From toilet training, to command training to behavioral issues, it’s simple when you know how.

How to work with tricky dogs

As you move through the consultations you’ll see me working with more difficult dogs and tricky situations. Over the course of the year I’ll share with you some of the funnest, some of the most tricky and some of the easiest consults and help you to build up resilience and an ability to cope with anything that comes your way because you know how to handle it.

Hear it from our Graduates...

When you join the
Dog Trainer Academy, you’ll instantly save a dog.

(more like hundreds of dogs). For EVERY new student we’ll make a (large) donation to one of our 3 chosen charities around the world that help rescue and rehabilitate dogs.

“Saving one dog won’t save the world. But it will change the world for that dog forever.”

Here’s Just A Handful Of Our Graduate’s Businesses


Doggy Dan Has Been Published & Featured On





I’ve had more than enough fun and attention over the past decade… I’ve been in the limelight, in front of the cameras and on the TV screen. Now it’s time to share the knowledge with other like minded dog lovers who truly want to make a difference in the dog training world. People who believe that the first stage of dog training needs to be CONNECTION with the dog, rather than simply food bribes or corrections.

It’s time for us to stand up as ambassadors for the dogs, to speak up for them, and share with their owners the way they would like to be trained…

And I promise you when you do that…You’ll get a dog who’s far more willing to listen to every word you say!

The World Needs Good Dog Trainers…

If you love dogs, enjoy sharing with people and would love to have a passionate career that pays really well, then this is EXACTLY what I can promise you here inside the Dog Trainer Academy.

As so many graduate-trainers can testify…all you need to do is follow the tried and tested pathway to success by following the simple steps laid out in the program.

This is not a get rich quick scheme, however you’ll be amazed at how much people are happy to pay you when you take away their pain and provide them with the road map they’ve been looking for.

“I know of no greater joy than knowing I’ve helped yet another being find peace and the connection they’ve been looking for.”

We’re all here inside the Dog Trainer Academy to help each other.

Become part of our revolution in dog training: making the world a better place for dogs, one step at a time…

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Arthur Deak Case Study

Since childhood, Arthur Deak of San Francisco, California, has had a passion for dogs. His interest deepened after watching a TV show called The Dog Whisperer

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Amanda Lund Case Study

Amanda’s desire to become a dog trainer was deeply rooted in her desire to help dogs and their owners.

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Sam Andrews-Paul Case Study

Sam began to think a lot about her future as her kids grew older and wondered what she was going to do once they’d all left home. 

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Bill Verbakel Case Study

Feeling burnt out by his current 9-5 office job, Bill was very motivated to put himself on track to become a professional dog trainer after training his new puppy, Jersey, using Doggy Dan’s method.

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