Dog Trainer Academy Certification

Here is an outline of your journey to becoming a certified graduate of Doggy Dan’s Dog Trainer Academy.

1. Membership

Upon joining the DTA, and for the duration of your membership, you are free to use the DTA Member Logo on your website and business cards etc.

(Right-click above to save or click here Download PNG (transparent background):

The kind of language you can use on any promotional material would be something like:

“As a current member of the Dog Trainer Academy, run by dog behaviorist Doggy Dan, I am using the training methods and approach recommended in his program.”

2. Graduation

The process of achieving your certification begins with first completing all the Courses in the program. By clicking the Mark Complete button on each webpage we can track your progress through to completion.

Then after 3 months you’ll be given access the written Graduation Assignments. These assignments will focus around how you have performed in live consultations.

You can take as long as you like to complete these Assignments. Some students are ready after 6 months to tackle them—having their business up and running and doing live consults—while others take the full 4 months to complete the training and get into the field before they attempt to graduate. It all depends on how you progress through the courses as everything is set to your pace.

Upon completion of all the Courses and Assignments in the program you’ll graduate and become certified.

3. Certification

  • A high resolution certificate in “Owner Education and Dog Communication” from Doggy Dan’s Dog Trainer Academy will become available for you to download.
  • Your DTA Certified Logo will be emailed to you for use in your business.