Feeling burnt out by his current 9-5 office job, Bill was very motivated to put himself on track to become a professional dog trainer after training his new puppy, Jersey, using Doggy Dan’s method. Not only was he hoping to build the platform for a potential career change down the road, but he was also […]


Sam began to think a lot about her future as her kids grew older and wondered what she was going to do once they’d all left home.  Having successfully trained her own difficult dog using Doggy Dan’s method, she knew her heart’s desire was truly to become a dog trainer, just like Dan.  6 months […]


Amanda’s desire to become a dog trainer was deeply rooted in her desire to help dogs and their owners. That being said, at age 53, Amanda had spent a bit of time thinking about retirement and what her situation would look like after she would decide to leave the corporate world.


Since childhood, Arthur Deak of San Francisco, California, has had a passion for dogs. His interest deepened after watching a TV show called The Dog Whisperer — a series that highlights the special relationship humans have with canines, and how we are able to communicate with them. Arthur knew it would be really cool to […]